Due to the recent election redistricting in Goochland County, my home is now in District 2. 

Karen R. Horn

* Working For Excellence Through Experience *

Karen Horn is a dedicated public servant and lifetime educator who has served on the Goochland County School Board from 2018-2023. She is continuing to work for excellence in Goochland County Public Schools.  

Experience — Depth and Breadth

Karen’s experience makes her a uniquely qualified candidate. Her service and advocacy for public education in Goochland began with her decision to major in education. Over time, she accepted more responsibility in challenging opportunities from the classroom to school division human resources leadership to serving on the Goochland County School board.

I have committed my heart, head, and hands to children throughout my life and career in education. Together we are a powerful force on a powerful mission to enthusiastically promote excellence for all learners while enhancing individual growth and student achievement.

– Karen Horn


Karen shows up for Goochland County Public Schools, attending events at all schools, and volunteering in classrooms in all schools. She is low drama, respectful, listens, and seeks commonsense solutions. Karen understands the scope of work ahead for Goochland County Schools and is excited about the opportunity to continue building on Goochland’s substantial successes.

Goochland citizens deserve a school board candidate that is running because of their passion for public education, desire to serve, skills, character, experience, and willingness to commit to the mission, vision, and goals of the Goochland County Public Schools.

Goochland County Public Schools’ Vision and Mission

Our vision: Inspiring and Preparing the next generation to make a positive impact

Our mission: To maximize the potential of every learner

School Division Goals

Goal 1: To maximize each student’s potential in preparation for a successful life

Goal 2: To create an engaging and responsive experience where everyone feels informed, included, valued, and empowered

Goal 3: To enhance and support the instructional and learning needs of all students and staff

* Due to the recent election redistricting in Goochland County, my home is now in District 2.