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Issues Affecting Education in Goochland County

During my career in education, I have observed many educational issues that affect all counties in Virginia.  Through my professional interactions with Goochland County School Administration, Staff, as well as Goochland County citizens, I understand that a small division has unique issues.  I always need your perspective. We have worked together to deliver solid solutions since my school board service began in 2018.

SWOT Analysis:  Please communicate your thoughts on GCPS issues in this framework of a SWOT Analysis.  What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats as you perceive them today?


Defined as factors that are likely to have a positive effect on (or be an enabler to) achieving the school’s objectives


Defined as factors that are likely to have a negative effect on (or be a barrier to) achieving the school’s objectives


Defined as external factors that are likely to have a positive effect on achieving or exceeding the school’s objectives, or goals not previously considered


Defined as external factors and conditions that are likely to have a negative effect on achieving the school’s objectives or making the objective redundant or unachievable

Let’s Work Together for Solutions

Any problem can best be solved by accurately defining the problem; holding open, respectful, and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders; and working together to propose alternative solutions.  When everyone is engaged in the process, the best solution usually rises to the top.  With finite county resources, this best solution must then be prioritized among other projects, financed, and then effectively implemented. Issue resolution and solution prioritization are important tasks I respect as a member of the School Board.

Be Part of the Solution

I’d love to hear from you about issues affecting education in Goochland County.  Please frame them in the context of the SWOT Analysis described above. You can also send me an email with your thoughts. 

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