Keys to Unlocking Potential

Public education opens doors to amazing possibilities.  Which key will unlock your child’s potential in our Goochland County Public Schools? 

Positive Learning Environment in a Safe School

Individualized and Innovative Instruction

Teachers Who Demonstrate a Passion for Teaching and Learning

Personal, Social, and Academic Support by a Mental Health Support Team-School Counselors, School Psychologists, School Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor

Approachable School Resource Officers

Engaged and Caring Personnel Throughout the Division

High Expectations and Standards

Effective Administrators and Superintendent

Parent and Community Involvement

Emphasis on Growth Mindset

Accessible Instructional Technology Tools

Small Class Size

Focus on Literacy and Numeracy

School and Business Partnerships

Extracurricular Activities

Academic Choices

Performing and Visual Arts Choices

Exceptional Education Support

Career and Technical Education Choices

Work-based Learning Experience

Strong Division Strategic Plan

Custom Made Keys

Goochland citizens and our Board of Supervisors support our schools financially and celebrate the many achievements we accomplish yearly.  Together with families we create an environment where talented staff put the keys in the hands of our children so they may unlock and then maximize their potential.  

I would love to hear from you how one (or more) of these keys unlocked opportunity, growth, or an individual achievement for your child!

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My favorite words are possibilities, opportunities, and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities. —Mario Testino